Fun Conditioning Triplets at The Training Room.

You can get creative or keep things simple with Thursday’s fun conditioning session.

The perfect follow up to Wednesday’s static strength session.

We will go to work for 40 seconds and rest for 20 for 5 rounds of these 2 mini circuits.

Select your movements wisely and make sure to pace yourself to keep your form from deminishing.

Work hard but be smart!

40/20 Conditioning Triplets

Triplet 1 (5 rounds)
  • Agilities, skaters or lateral steps
  • Crawls, mountain climb or plank choice
  • Kettlebell swing or broad jump
Triplet 2 (5 rounds)
  • Battle ropes, Intertia wave or slams (medicine ball, sledge, mace)
  • Bugarian Bag swings or medicine ball/body weight or band twist
  • Crabs, sit through or bicycles (try bands)

That’s that…

Have you registered for the Warrior Challenge yet?

Get moving!

Here’s the link.

For those who HAVE registered, please share your donation page with your friends and family.

ALL donations go to Taskforce Dagger Foundation.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Here’s one from 2009!