Sometimes we go heavy!

Heavy Strength is relative and has a different meaning for many of us, so go heavy for you.

After all, freinds don’t let friends be weak and soft.

Did you enjoy your Wednesday conditioning session?

Thursday is a day to try to go a little bit heavier then usual and you may surprise yourself.

PLEASE feel free to ask questions and try out some new things!

We are here to help you get better.

The 5 AM class misses Justin!

Hopefully he can make it in on Thursday for heavy strength.

Comment below Justin if you are reading this!


Heavy Strength Circuit: 30/30 x 5 rounds of classic Training Room Strength!

      • Dead’s (your choice of what kind including split hinge DL’s)
      • Strict Kettlebell, dumbbell seated overhead press or landmine press (kneeling is good too)
      • 1 arm row (renengade rows work and we will show you a BRAND NEW variation of this that you will LOVE)
      • Get ups, half get ups, windmills, side plank etc..
    Try the split hinge for a glute BLASTER!

Here are few other press variations to try out!


NOW for the gun show beach circuit to finish things off JUST right!

30/30 x 3 rounds (right in your own personal space)
  • Kettlebell curl
  • Kettlebell tricep extension or push-up
  • ABS (even though they are made in the kitchen)

Let’s have a great Thursday and it all begins with showing up at The Training Room and giving it your all.

Here’s a little something for you characters at home.

You’re welcome!

Drop a comment below.