Heavier Strength Supersets

Let’s do heavier strength supersets on Thursday at The Training Room!

The perfect follow up to Wednesday’s conditioning session.

Start with moderate weight and ramp it up with each set.

Use the 2 rep rule and ALWAYS leave 2 reps in the tank.

This will allow you to use nice clean form and NOT get sloppy.

Sloppyness can lead to injury.


Here’s that link to register for Warrior Challenge.

We got a bunch of sign ups yesterday, but still need MORE so let’s GO!

Here are your strength supersets for Thursday…

30 seconds of work / 30 seconds of rest x 5 sets of each

Superset 1
  • Chest press
  • Heavy swings or dead’s
Superset 2
  • Sled push/pull or lunge walk
  • Pull-ups BW, band, or assisted
Finisher Superset: 30/15x 6 
  • Cardio
  • Abs 

Have a great Thursday!