Hooray for challenge day!

Hooray, hooray for Training Room challenge day!

Since Monday was slower a strength day, this means we pick up the pace on Tuesday because it all about varying the intensities of our training.

We want you at your best ALWAYS!

Don’t forget to ask questions and let us know if there’s anything you need help with.

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If you want to nice hamstring stretch that you can do on your own, check this out!

Upcoming Training Room Events to keep us engaged and to have some FUN!
We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Training Room Events to keep you busy, engaged in physical activity and to have some FUN!

Let’s dig into this weeks Training Room Challenge!

Post your times and what you used in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

Let’s hold ourselves accountable!

Choice of Row(250) / Bike (500) / Ski (250) / or Run

250 meters x 5 with an exact 1 minute rest after each 250.

  • Start the timer on zero and perform the 250
  • As soon as the 250 is complete start your 1 minute rest
  • Once your exact minute rest is over start your next 250
  • The workout is over after the 5th 250.
  • In order for this to be done correctly you must start the interval exactly at the 1 minute mark, no sooner!
  • The official time is when the last 250 is complete.
Here’s your conditioning challenge for Tuesday!

10 minutes non-stop switching exercises every minute.

3 rounds with a 1 minute rest between each round.

Have some fun with this one.

  • swings
  • walkouts
  • Jacks or jump rope
  • Air squats
  • crab toe touch, sit through or bicycles
  • run in place options
  • skaters
  • Hindu push-ups or shoulder taps
  • med ball or BB twists
  • Squat thrusts or slam
Here’s a follow along challenge to do at home.