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Interval Strength Supersets are simple yet extremely effective and efficient and just happen to be a Training Room staple.

Friday will be a great day for some strength work after Thursday’s long cardio day.

Congrats to everyone who showed up for the 10,000 meter challenge on Thursday!

Everyone that showed up seized the opportuninty to go outside of their comfort zone.

Some showed up on purpose to test out their 10,000 time and get ready for ROW for HOPE.


Running Man did a sub 40 minute 10,000!

Weather you did it solo or with a partner, it was NOT easy, and you all kiled it!

Keep pushing yourselves and each other to get a little bit better each day.


Make sure to sign up for ROW for HOPE.on May 15.

ALL proceeds go to the JAG Fund for brain cancer research.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!

Here’s Friday’s Strength Work (Interval strength supersets)

30/30 interval strength supersets x 5 rouhds or each one

  1. Squat press / pull-up
  2. Dead lift or heavy swing / Sliding knees to chest, plank or Power wheel


Ladder down from 10-2

  • Body weight squat or Squat jump
  • push-up
  • knee ups
  • Calories

Here’s a strength session you can follow along to.