Man Maker Circuit PLUS a finisher!

Man Maker strength circuit PLUS a finisher for Thursday pleasure!

Let’s slow things down a bit with this man maker strength circuit.

We hope you’re finding your groove this week and staying hydrated in this warm climate.

Getting to The Training Room is a great start to ANYONE’s day!

After a challenging conditioning session on Tuesday, this 30/30 strength circuit is JUST what you need!

Here’s what we’ve got for you…

30 seconds of work / 30 seconds of rest x 6 rounds

Man Maker Strength Circuit (basically breaking the man makers down into a 3 exercise circuit) and completing 6 rounds.

  • Renegade row or bent knee renegade row with a push up or 1 arm row/push up (beginners)
  • cleans, high pulls, or deads lift option (single leg split hinges work as well)
  • Squat press

If you have difficulty doing renegade rows, do 1 arm rows for round 1, then push ups for round 2 etc…

Here’s another great option for renengade rows and will help to keep you from compensating or cheating!

We will finish with…

6 x 250 meter sprints

1/1 work/rest ratio: Rest for the amount ot time it took you to finish 250 meters.

Let’s have a great rest of the week!

Here’s a demo of the spilt hinge plus some other things you might want to try on your next strength day!