Partner Strength Ladders

You go, I go partner strength ladders for Wednesday.

Hope you’re finding your groove this week.

Getting to The Training Room is a great start to ANYONE’s day!

After a challenging conditioning session on Tuesday, partner strength ladders are in the rotation for Wednesday.

Hold your partner accountable for nice clean repititions because sloppy reps can cause injury,

Here’s what we’ve got for you…

In “you go, I go” format (one partner works while the other rests)

Ladder down using the appopriate reps for each given exercise option.

20-4, or 10-2 or 5-1 (depending on the exercise and weight you are using)

The quicker and more explosive movements such as swings or snatches will require higher reps (20-4). 20,16,12,8,4

The slower strength movement such as squats and deadlifts will require lower reps (10-2 or 5-1 if you plan on going heavier)

Complete each ladder with your partner before moving on to the next one.

Exercises and options…

  • swings, cleans, snatches, deadlift/hinge options
  • Push-press 1 or 2 dumbbells or kettlebells
  • Squat choice or sled push/pull 5 laps to 1 lap
  • Ab choice

If you have time at the end, do a partner cardio ladder (10-1 or 20-4)

Let’s have a great rest of the week!