Pentathlon Intervals

Hey Training Room characters…

As usual, we will be keeping things simple because there is just no reason to complicate your fitness program.

Thursday is a conditioning day, so here we go…

Pentathlon Intervals will look like this.
Ladder up and then ladder back down on the intervals.
6 rounds of Pentathlon Intervals 
  1. 30/30
  2. 45/45
  3. 60/60
  4. 60/60
  5. 45/45
  6. 30/30

The Pentathon Training Circuit will look like this…

  • Row
  • push press or burpees/squat thrusts (choice)
  • bike
  • snatch, clean or high steps (choice)

Total time is 35 minutes!

Once again, ROW for HOPE sign up here! 

See you Thursday!

Everyonce can use some help with muscle recovery and taking care of our bodies. We ALL need this!

Furthermore, most of it can be done at home with a foam roller and lacrosse ball, so there are NO excused.

YES, I know it hurts!

BUT, the more you do this type of work, the less it will hurt, and the better YOU will feel!

Next Level Muscle Recovery TIPS below!