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Trust the process…let’s pick up the pace on Tuesday!

Monday was a nice mix of body weight, with some weighted options and little bit of cardio thrown into the mix.

A great way to ease into the week.

Things will be a bit different on Tuesday as we pick up the pace with a challenge.

Just like ALL of our training sessions, there will be options for everyone.


If you have any limitations it’s OK…

ANYTHING can be adjusted to suit EVERYONES needs.

It goes BOTH ways!

Even more advanced options are available for you superfreaks of nature.

You have complete control of training intensity.

It’s pretty simple. If the workout feels too easy, then pick up the pace or heavier weight (but PLEASE don’t compromise your form)

If things feel difficult and or you are struggling, PLEASE talk to your coach!

The First Annual Jersey Shore Kettlebell Championship is this Saturday!

It’s at the Manasquan gym!

If your competing, show up at 8 AM.

If not, please stop by and cheer on your Training Room freinds!

Don’t forget to register to ROW for HOPE!

May 15 at Goodsports USA.

Remind your teammates to do the same.

Here’s the lineup for Tuesday…

Either 2 rounds of 25 reps or 1 round of 50 reps of each exercise for time!

Pick your poison.

Filthy Fifty!
  • Jump or High pull
  • Slam ball or sledge hits
  • Bike (calories)
  • Squat thrusts or mountain climbers
  • Bulgarian Bag swings or Twists
  • Rower (calories)
  • Knees to chest or controlled bicycles
  • swings or hinges
  • Ski (calories)
  • Box step-ups (pick your height)

Let’s have an amazing Tuesday!

Here’s challenge for home!