Progressive Conditioning

This progressive conditioning workout was a hit the last time we did it…

Try to do better then youd did the last time!

We want you to get you all charged up at The Training Room on Thursday.

Thursday is a conditioning day. We hope you like Wednesday’s Man Maker Strength Circuit.

As usual, you will choose your cardio choice, kettlebelll or body weight movements

Pick a cardio choice, burpees, or if kettlebell sport is your jam, do some kettlebell long cycle or snatches.

Stick with one item for all 12 sets.

Cardio choices:

Work for 45 seconds and rest for 1:15 for 12 total rounds of this

Every 2 rounds, you will Increase a rep or calorie.

Don’t get to aggressive on your first round or you will burn yourself out before 12 rounds.

For example…
  • For rounds 1 and 2 go easy with 10 calories
  • Rounds 3-4 progress to 11 calories,
  • On rounds 11-12  shoot for 15 calories

If you are just starting out with us at The Training Room, start at 7 reps and calories, Intermediate folks can start at  9 and if you consider yourself more advanced, start at 11 and progress from there.

Long cycle kettlebell ninjas can should  start at 4 reps and work up form there.

Have a great Thursday!

Something from the lockdown archives!