Strength Couplets with a Finisher!

Let’s slow things down some on Thursday with a much needed strength couplets..

Otherwise known as “super sets”.

Soooo effective and time efficient!

Because…who the heck has time for 2 hours at the gym?

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s challenge…

Here are your strength couplets for Thursday!

Work for thirty, rest for thirty and complete 5 rounds of each couplet before moving on to the next one.

Strength couplet 1: 5 rounds 

  • Swings or deads (any kind)
  • Push-ups or dips (you can also do these assisted)

Strength couplet 2: 5 rounds 

  • Box squat (with or without weight)
  • Pull-ups (any variaiton)

Finisher: Let’s finish strong! 

Work for 1 minute and rest for thirty seconds and complete 1 rounds of the following…

  • Row
  • Crawl or plank
  • Sled or lunge
  • Ski
  • Step-ups or jump rope

Have a fantastic Thursday!