5 Minute strength FLOW

We have a 5 Minute strength FLOW for you at The Training Room on Wednesday!

When flow is mentioned, we want to see smooth transitions from one movement to the next with very minimal rest between.

Moving in this manner keep the session super efficient and effective.

The strength flow is a great follow up to Tuesday’s big conditioning circuit.

This one can be with or with out weight…

FLOW through performing each movement for one minute.

Once we get through the entire flow, we will rest for 1 minute.

5 rounds total.

Here’s the sequence….

  1. Hand to hand swings, cleans, or single leg dead/hinges
  2. Hindu push-ups, shoulder taps, or see saw press
  3. Alternate leg reverse lunge, step ups or sled push/drag
  4. Renegade rows, 1 arm rows, or alternate arm rings rows
  5. Get ups, crawl, plank choice

We hope you Wednesday flows as nicely as your workout.

Have a great one!