Strength Flow

Let the strength flow on Friday!

It’s been a great week of training at The Training Room.

We brought out some of the classics this week and everyone did an amazing job.

AS we always say, the most difficult part of training is “showing up” for it.

It seems like just about everyone showed up this week!

Let’s finish it off strong with this kettlebell OR body weight strength FLOW!

Here it is…

5 minute non-stop kettlebell and body weight flow

You have the choice of doing the kettlebell flow, the body weight flow or alternating between them.

We will complete 4 total rounds.

Here’s the kettlebell flow: 1 minute at each movement non-stop

  1. single kettlebell or double kettlebell alternate arm clean
  2. see saw press
  3. alternate leg reverse lunge lunge
  4. renegade row or alternate arm row
  5. windmill or side plank

Body weight flow

  • Box step ups
  • Hindu push-ups or inch worm
  • alternate arm ring rows
  • marching hip bridge
  • Knees to chest


30/3030/30/30 x 2 rounds  of the following…

  • jumping jacks
  • squat thrusts
  • skaters
  • sit throughs or mountain climb
  • run in place

Have an amazing week!