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A strong start is way to kick off your weekend!

Let’s finish STRONGER!

Friday groups did an amazing job with the cardio triplets.

The Inertia Wave is BRUTAL!

Let’s keep things rolling.

REMINDER: We WILL have our interval training class on Sunday at 8 AM in Avon)

It’s great to see so many taking advantage of the weekly challenges (extra credit)

Focus on working harder and smarter during your class time so you see improvement when we repeat these challenges.

Let us know if you want to work on anything specific or new.

Have you done this weeks challenge yet?

This weeks challenge is a conditioning couplet ladder challenge! (CCLC)

Your ladder sequence will look like this…

Alternate between the ski erg and goblet squats.

Not to shame you into anything, but here are your weight choices:
Dudes: Suggested weight depending on what you consider yourself.

Choose wisely.

  • Advanced 24 kg
  • Intermediate 20 kg
  • Beginner 14-16 kg
  • Advanced 18 kg
  • Intermediate 14 kg
  • Beginner 8-10 kg
Do this for time!
  • 20 calories ski
  • 20 goblet squats
  • 15 calories ski
  • 15 goblet squats
  • 10 calores ski
  • 10 goblet squats
  • 5 calories ski
  • 5 goblet squats


Events Update

Training Room Events to keep you busy, engaged in physical activity and to have some FUN!


Slay your Saturday!

Single or Double Kettlebell or Dumbbell PLUS Body Weight STRENGTH Options…

30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest x 6 rounds of:

  • Cleans, snatch, Single dead, or body weight hinge
  • KB or DB press (strict or push) or inverted press
  • Long Cycle (kettlebell enthusiasts) Sliding or suspended leg curl or Split Squat
  • Abs (your choice)

Exercsie choice..

1 minute hard/1 minute easy x 5 rounds

Have a fabulous weekend!