Thursday Primal Challenge.

Your Thursday Cardio Primal Challenge is ready for you.

Why primal?

Most of the exercises we are doing require nothing but your own body…

SO, no equipment unless you are using a rower, ski erg or bike!

This is the perfect follow up to Wednesday’s Woman Makers…

Will you be ready for it? JUSTIN?

Let’s cut right to the chase…

Do 4-5 rounds of the following…
  • 500 meters cardio choise (1000 meters bike)
  • 40 yard crawl or 40 mountain climbers on each side (you can also use the sliders for less impact on your toes and more focus on the abs and hip flexors)
  • 30 Step ups total, 30 reverse lunges, walk lunges or you can push the sled for 2 laps on the turf
  • 20 Squat thusts, squat thrust broad jumps or 20 slam ball
  • 10 pull ups, ring rows or kettlebell/dumbbell one arm rows

Get a good stretch when you’re done!


Feel free to schedule a table stretch with Mike.

Take care of your body.

You should feel energized after your workout, NOT completely crushed!

Be in it for the LONG HAUL!

Have an amazing Thursday!

Please take time to watch this Ski erg video…

Some of us get a little too wild on the ski erg and this is one reason the ropes are snapping.