Training Room Crowd Favorite!

Stationary 20-10 is a Training Room crowd favorite.

We have a classic Training Room stationary 20-10 conditioning session for you on Friday!

Speakling of Friday, Beers and Bells 6 minute set starts around 6ish  with Happy Hour directly after.

It’s only a 6 minute set for Beers and Bells, so the happy hour will be much longer.

Here is your Friday Conditioning

20/10 X 8 sets at each station.

There will be 1:10 rest between each 4 minute station.

STATIONARY 20-10 Conditioning

  1. Row
  2. Kettlebell or dumbbell push-press
  3. Bike
  4. Bulgarian Bag, or Ab choice
  5. Ski
  6. Swing / squat combo( alternate between the 2)

Total time is 28:50

Let’s have a great weekend!