Wednesday Strength Endurance Sets

Have a little strength endurance combo for Wednesday!

It looks like things are cooling down for Wednesday so LET’S GO!!

We have quite the efficient strength endurance workout lined up for you at The Training Room.

I nice follow up to Tuesday’s challenge.

Here it is…

Weighted or body weight options to choose from.

1 minute of work with one minute of rest for 5 rounds of the following exercises with options for EVERYONE!

  • Single or double kettlebell clean, snatch,swing, deadlift/hinge choice or bird dog
  • Double or single kettlebell push press, jerk or Hindu push ups
  • Kettlebell long cycle (for you sport enthusiasts), lunge options or sled push/pull

Let’s make it a great Wednesday!

Keep your eyes peeled for Warrior Challenge registration this week!

Here’s another gem!

Some footage from 2013