Well Balanced Strength Training

Wednesday is a strength focus at The Training Room, so lets work on some alternate or single limb, well balanced strength!

We’ve got this full body alternate or single limb strength session line up for you.

The perfect follow up from Tuesday’s challenge.

There will be both weighted and body weight options for you to choose from on this one.

Your intervals will be 60/30 of work/rest.

Complete 4 rounds fo the following…

Here’s your strength circuit

  • Alternate arm ring rows or renegade rows
  • Weighted or body weight (slow) step ups
  • See saw press
  • Single leg DL, single leg body weight hinge or bird dog
  • Plank or crawl

Here’s a finisher…

60/30 x 1 round

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Lateral step
  • Slam ball

Have a great Tuesday!

Check out the Turkey Day Relay from 2015

The events have changed over the years…

This year’s event will be 4 person teams completing the following:

  • 100 calories row
  • 100 calories bike
  • 100 calories ski
  • Farmer carry 4 laps around the building
  • Choice of beer plank or 100 squat thrusts or slam ball