Your Friday Challenge!

It’s a good idea to do a Friday Challenge after a nice strength day!

You’re in luck on Friday because we have a really good challenge lined up for you.


Don’t forget to wish Eric a happy birthday if you see him.

He hit the ripe old age of 27!

By the way, who’s got some sore glutes from that new deadlift variation we tried yesterday?

Now for your Friday Challenge….

It’s not very complicated, and you have most likely seen this one before with a few modifications.

We will begin with a nice long warm-up…


25 Minute AMRAP of the follwing movements.

  • 5 Push ups, Squat thrusts or Burpees
  • 10 swings or squat choice
  • 15 Mountain climbers or sliders
  • 20 medicine ball twists, Bulgarian bag swings or any other rotational movement
  • 250 meters cardio choice (row,run,bike (500),ski)

Let’s have an AMAZING Friday.

Something to follow along to if you need!