Fat burn Friday!

Hope you enjoyed weakness prevetion day…

Let’s speed things up on Fat Burn Friday!

Cardio up!

Thursday’s groups were on FIRE!

We LOVE those strength days where we’re challenged to go a little bit heavier and maybe try some new things in order to improve ourselves.

It’s insipring to see EVERYONE push hard.

This is what we LOVE so much about group training…

When the energy is high, we work harder and as a result, we get better.


LESS IS MORE and keep it simple! (blog post)

Friday we will be picking up the pace with some conditioning.

Since LIFE comes in intevals, we must train this way to be ready for what may be thrown at us.

So SHOW UP and get some intervals!

Here you go…

40/20 cardio triplets

3 rounds of each one…

Triplet 1
  • Jump pulls or non-jumping pull ups
  • moutain climbers
  • Bike
Triplet 2
  • Skaters or lateral movements such agilities or Sideways Steves
  • Row
  • Inertia wave
Triplet 3
  • Drop squats/squat choice
  • Knee ups
  • Ski erg

Have you done the weekly challenge yet?

It can also replace any of the workouts this week.

Alternate between 2 items of your choice…

Choices: (pick 2)

  • bike (double the meters)
  • row (meters)
  • ski (meters)
  • run (distances posted on the board at the gym)


  • 1000 ex 1
  • 900 ex 2
  • 800 ex 1
  • 700 ex 2
  • 600
  • 500
  • 400
  • 300
  • 200
  • 100


Here’s a follow along for you…

Enjoy your weekend!