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We’re picking up the pace on Friday with some triple conditioniong for the heart, lungs and all the rest of the parts!

There’s a rumor of bad weather Friday…

As a result, I still plan on showing up for all of the morning sessions including the 5 AM session.

The Training Room isn’t about taking the easy path and is ALWAYS dedicated to your health and fitness success!


If you’re feeling STIFF…

Mike will be sending out info for anyone who is interrested in one on one table stretching sesssions.

Many of you have shown interest in this, so I will be offering intro sessions a special rate for TR Members by appointment.

Stay tuned!


TR History…In 1999 we opened this 800 sq foot PT studio in Belmar. 

Once again, stay tuned for registration for our upcoming Winter Fitness Challenge!

If you missed yesterday’s post…

JUST in case you did NOT see yesterday’s post, here’s what is happening at The TR:

The Training Room will be hosting a seminar at the Manasquan location on January 19 (it’s a Wednesday) at 6:45 PM.

Therefore, feel free to come to Milkmans’s 5:30 PM class that night then stay to get educated by <a
We will be utilizing JD’s unique services as part of our upcoming fitness challenge. Atlantic Exercise Physiology is the very first facility of it’s kind in the state of New Jersey.

When you register for this challenge, you will make your appointment with JD and recieve the following tests…
  • Medical Body Composition Analysis on the SECA 544 (read more)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test (Read More)
  • Pumonary Function Test (Read More)
  • Member cost of the 12 week program with pre and post challenge testing will be $150.

You DO NOT want to miss this one.

Watch the quick vid, and PLEASE subscribe to our channel which has archived material dating back to 2006 that you might enjoy!

Don’t forget to save this date…

Now for Thursday’s Alternate strength…

3 Conditioning Triplets for Friday!

20/20/20 x 3 rounds of the following triplets

Triplet 1
  • Air squat, squat jump
  • Mountain climbers or crawl
  • Jump rope, jacks, skipping
Triplet 2
  • Swings, broad or box jumps
  • squat thrusts or slam ball
  • Knees to chest
Triplet 3
  • Skaters, lateral agilities
  • 1/2 burpees or shoulder taps
  • run in place or shuttle run

You will go through each triplet twice and then finish with 1 circuit off all the exercises!

Training Room crowd favorite!

Here’s a Classic Conditioning Video Workout compliments of the Pandemic 2020… You are Welcome! 

And THANK YOU for keeping us afloat during all of the crazy times!