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Wednesday Training Tip

Power Rope Chops This 1 1/2" rope is an excellent training tool and is a great complement to a group circuit.  The rope chop can be executed by doing quick chopping motions with the elbows slightly bent.  In addition, an alternate arm chop can be...


More Tabata! 20 seconds on 10 off for 8 rounds of these four exercises.  Take 1 minute rest between each.  Complete each one entirely before moving on to the next. KB snatch sit ups Power rope Air Dyne bike

Monday's Group Training

It’s a balmy  15 degrees this morning. The Circuit looked like this: on/off 35/30, 30/25, 25/20, 20/15, 20/10 Pull ups/assisted pullups kb snatches slamball back extension sandbag cleans wall ball sit...


Rest Day!!! If you happen to watch the Super Bowl today, keep your eye out for #95 on the Colts defensive line. Darrell Reid is one of my athletes from Freehold Boro High School.   We are all very proud of him.  Go Darrell! Go Colts!! Read about Darrell...


Sorry for not posting Thursday’s workout, Jim and I were working on something.   Here’s todays group training. Tabata Time: 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for eight rounds of each of these exercises. Squats pushups kb swings jumping pullups...


5 rounds work/rest of 40/30, 35/25, 30/20. 25/15, 20/10 Burpees jumping dips squats rotational slamball kb swings Slamball


It’s cold, but this should warm you up in no time. 3 rounds, if you’re feeling your oats today, and have a weight vest, wear it. Kettlebell clean/press 10/8/6 Ring row 10/8/6 Kettlebell snatch 10r/10l, 8r/8l, 6r/6l Ring push up 10,8,6 Back extension 10,8,6...


Get ready for another great week.  We’re fired up. 5 rounds: 30,25,20,15,10 reps kb swings slamball jumping pullpups kb or sandbag cleans db pushpress or thruster situp or knee up

Friday Group

The group is kicking some serious glute max.  We are getting crazy fit, so I had to decrease the recovery intervals today. Four rounds: work/rest 30/25, 30/20, 30/15, 30/10 Sand bag stepups ring rows/jumping pullups thrusters burpees or mtn. climbers Air dyne...