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Get ready for the weekend, I here it’s going to warm up "Helen"Run 400 m 21 kettlebell swings 12 pullups Three rounds for time


Tabata Circuit 6 rounds with one minute rest between rounds Kb snatches Sandbag cleans Slam ball Rope Jumping pullups Wall ball Sit ups Click here to read about CrossFit Jersey Shore’s Irene Hale and how she conquered the Coastal Challenge, a brutal six day race...

It's Wednesday!

Secret Service Snatch Test ( SSST) Results! Lately, some of our female athletes have been testing for the SSST.  The SSST is a brutal ten minute test of physical and mental toughness as well as muscular endurance. The ladies use a 12kg(26lb) kettelbell and snatch...

Tuesdays Training

Kettlebell 5x5x5 5 rounds, 5 sets, 5 reps of Front squat double press pull ups double clean Turkish half-ups


Today’s Training: 5 rounds 30/30,30/25,30/20,25/20,20/10 Thrusters Ring pushups sandbag clean/squats sit ups walking swings jumping pullups back extension


Rest Day Standard procedure: Jim ran a nice class this morning at 8am.  Later, I brought the kids in for some fun. Catherine mastering the rings


Are you kidding me! It’s our version of the dirty thirty, go through this one time! row 250 m Snatch 15/15 or 30 snatch pulls row 250 30 pushups row 250 30 kb swings row 250 30 jumping pull ups row 250 30 walking lunges w/sandbag row 250 30 wall ball shots row...


Tabata  20 seconds on 10 seconds off for eight rounds of: Kettlebell snatch, switching hands every 20 seconds Power Rope Sit ups Air Dyne Bike Finish eight rounds on each exercise before moving on to the next.  Take one minute rest between each exercise. Get...

Wednesday Tip

Try this dynamic kettlebell warm up to get you ready. Get a lighter kettlebell then what you train with and do 2 rounds of 10 high pulls10 swings10 Snatch pull5 Clean/catches5 Squats5 Presses5 clean catch/squat/presses10r/10l one arm rows30 sec of...


5 rounds of: Row 25020 kb swings15 push presses10 jumping pullups5  elbows to kness